Worms in the dog

Various kinds of worms.

Two great families of parasitic worms exist and are suceptibles to infest your dog.

Round worms, flat ASCARIS or ANKYLOSTOMES, and worms, TAENIAS or ECHINOCOCCI.

The pups can be infested at the time of gestation in the mother, at the time of tétée, then at the adulthood, the dogs contaminate themselves by the food or the contact with deposit soiled the their congeneric ones.


ascaris towards in the dog


Are vres of white color, rounds, measuring surroundings 5 to 20 cm length.

It worms is responsible in the pup reached for delay of growth, hair terns, disorders diegestis, (diarrhoeas, vomiting, etc…) , and of respiratory disorders, (pneumonia).

Not very pathogenic for an adult, they can be very dandereux even fata louse the very infested pups.

They are present in the intestine of the dog and nourish pre-digested food.

They are also present in the cockroaches, the worms of ground, chickens and the rodents, which can consequently transmit their eggs to the dog (gun dog for example).

There are drugs which act while anaesthetizing on Ascaris, that Ci will be expelled at the time of the defecation of the dog.

This treatment must be to carry out several times at several weeks of interval in order to dam up the problem, because the eggs of Ascaris can enkyster in the muscles, and being present several years after the treatment.


Caution: Ascaris can infest the man and more particularly the young children.

The owner of a dog will avoid letting his dog digress in the sand vats for children, the migration of the larva being able to reach the eye, by involving serious and irreversible pathologies.

The ANKYLOSTOMES, families of the STRONGLES:

Are very aggressive worms, worms with “hooks”, which are clutched with the walls of the intestine of the dog.

They are white-rosy and measure from 1 to 2 cm, not easily visible with the naked eye.

The dogs are contaminated by feeding or transcutanée way.

They were nourissent of blood which can cause cases of anaemias, enteritis hemorrhagic low registers and sometimes the death of the animal.


It worms is very difficult to eliminate and can remain present in the dog contaminated and also in anvironnement during several months.

It is microscopic Li is inserted in the walls of the large intestines and causes important inflamations, chronic diarrhoeas and hemorrhagic colites.

They involve a degratation general of the animal.

Only tratement basic over several days makes it possible to fight against it towards particularly resistant.

The assistance of your veterinary surgeon is strongly recommended.


The Tapeworm or Téniasis with DIPYLIDUM:

Is small towards dish and runs (towards recluse) it resembles a noodle and can measure up to 80 cm length.

One can sometimes the obsever at the edge of the anus of the infested animal.

It easily is recognized because it moves.

This parasite needs a “host” intemédiaire for his development like the chip or small rodents or the birds.

This parasite resides in the small intestine.

Dipylidium can be responsible for entérites chronic, of slimming of the dog and provaquer irritation anal.

The dog then makes the “sledge” by trailing its buttocks on the ground.

In this case one will take care to check su' it is not a question of a clogging of anal glands (similar attitude)


tapeworms towards in the dog


This Tapeworm, known as also Tapeworm of the Fox, infests also the dogs and the cats, without to inconvenience them.


The transmition with the Man is possible by the water absortion soiled in nature, by eating soiled wild friuts or by cherishing a dog and while carrying its hands with its mouth.

It is one of the parasites most dangerous louse the Man.

The vermifugation:

It is appropriate of vermifuger the pup, every month, of the 2 months age in 6 months.

With the adulthood, you will take care to carry out 2 per annum vermifugation, with preferably one in spring (at the beginning of April) and one in autumn (at the beginning of October).

Before a projection and after a low setting in the female.

It is advisable to use a good vermifuge and that adapted in the infested dog.

One will respect the amounts prescribed by your veterinary surgeon.

In the event of infection of an animal within a pack, one will take to care of trater all the animals.


With very soon.

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