Massage and your dog ?

The dogs are our best friends, they are protective, faithful and comforting.

Offer a massage to your dog for their wellbeing.

The canine massage is much more than caresses, it is a technique of touched.

It is the articular, muscular handling which allows the blood improvement.

The canine massage relieves the muscular pains and arthritis, it activates the process of cure, it rebalances the body so that it can this drive in a harmonious way.

  massage 4                                         Relieving routine: Relieving routine is an always applicable treatment of massage.

Make discover for the first time at your dog the experiment with a massage.

This act which is the canine massage quickly slackens the dogs agitated, timorous, after a long voyage, at the time of the éffort ...........

With this relieving routine, it is made amongst other things movements of massage of the nape of the neck, back and tail.

Relieving starts with caresses of the nape of the neck and ears which calms your dog, and which is it (T.TOUCH METHOD).

It is a technique easy to learn.

It is a technical massage which has a positive influence on your dog. Your dog will slacken and will feel safe. It can happen that he falls into the sleep. A dog can, him also, to just like enjoy a good massage us moreover it, one massage has also effects therapeutic.to fall asleep

To begin a massage you can perform the simplest technique which is that of the passing by again movement.

Put your two hands of chaques with dimensions dog and made a fluid movement of to and from of the nape of the neck backwards.


Ears: To draw slightly the beginning from the ears towards the points while massing with the end of your fingers, always with your fingers made of the small circles along the edge of the ears towards the ends.

The nape of the neck: With your two hands take the skin of the neck and to mass.

Shoulders and the back:

Shoulders, massage08made movements of toutch in the forms of point of interrogation on the shoulders with the end of your fingers until half of the body.




The back, put your inches along the backbone and with one of your inches made of the circular motions by making small circles in the direction of the aiquilles of a clock.


massage 1You finish by the legs of behind.





The Council: Always work the back of the beginning backwards and the sides, of the top downwards.

To disadvise: Not to mass your dog after an operation, in the course of gestation, at the time of a fiêvre (you will then accelerate involuntarily the bearing of blood), during the infections (you would be likely to diffuse the infection in the body), at the time of wounds or lesions aiguês.

Caution: The canine massage does not replace the care of your veterinary surgeon, require of him council or of an osteopath.

So long .........


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