The fall harvest season -attention

Fall attention to your dog in the season of harvest.

  Annoying Class Arachnida
The nature has been slow to fall asleep at the beginning of the fall that began much too early, 
In there a point of the season:
this is an autumn jeunet waits timidly or summer anymore.
 Harvest ticks are part of the family of mites.
The mites are arthropods whose body bears no apparent segmentation.
Their miniscule aspect of the spider attached to the class of Aracnides. 
 It is estimated the number of species of 30,000 to half a million. 
 They are characterized by a high degree of adaptability, they are found all over the globe and Antarctic oceans.
Harvest ticks or "thrombidions" are creeping microscopic larvae (stage between the larva and adult).
The female lays her eggs in the soil, the larva that fate awaits on the grass a warm-blooded vertebrate passes through there, man and dog, for example, to be able to feed on skin and lymph.
It is particularly recognizable by its deep red, orange rather seen with the naked eye.
The annoying prefer the skin folds, corners a little moist and confined.
For your dog, it is the space between the fingers, folds ears, the inner thighs, testicles or the folds of the skin at some races.
Their small size 0.25 mn does not prevent them from biting and inject their saliva, which contains agents that help the digestion externally.
The bite of annoying, is very agacante, itchy and lasts for the next 5 to 7 days.
Harvest ticks live in large numbers in the meadows and gardens from July to September and proliferate in the fall.


What causes annoying? 

By feeding your dog, annoying cause itching accompanied by redness, inflammation and sometimes fever.

Itching can lead to injuries when your dog scratches, and is likely to become infected.


Treat your garden

As you can understand the ticks live in the grass.

If you have a garden, it's best to treat it against mites to prevent your dog does catch.

 Be careful what your dog does not incapacitated with the product.


 If your dog catches

There are anti external spray, necklaces or pipettes that are effective.

Attention, suivez-bien shown indications of the product and make sure it is appropriate for your dog

Bye bye.....

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