Chocolate- Yes or No


An interesting question of which we do not carry out the danger that it can cause in your companion. 
It is indeed a sad truth but the chocolate can cause an intoxication. Not only our dogs but also the other animals are likely to make this intoxication.
It is already to happen that in the hot countries of the cattle was poisoned by cocoa seeds. In these seeds theobromine is.
One finds this substance great deal in the black chocolate. A little less in the milk chocolate and almost not in the white chocolate.
In the delicacies with the chocolate flavour let us find we it almost goes away.
You can give some without fear but misuse it not, danger of sugar excess.
Functioning of theobromine:
To attack on the heart and causes a tachycardia (to disturb rhythm cardiac).
Symptoms: The dog is initially irritated, he is very thirsty and he vomits.
Do not hesitate to contact your veterinary surgeon because that can evolve to convulsions with risk to fall into the coma.
In other words, give him delicacies with the flavour of chocolate instead of the chocolate

12:36 Gepost in Health