As one of the blessings shiatsu is for people, this medicine is less known for our friends the dogs.

 Nevertheless we can do Shiatsu with the dogs or other animals.


We regularly practice Shiatsu and we have, after much research, discovered that this  treatment also can be used by our dogs.


 A small word of explanation regarding SHIATSU ??????????? 

Shiatsu is a kind of massage where whe use one of our fingers, especially the thumb, to bring pressure on the meridianen.

There are various types of meridians in our body.Those meridians have an impact on our bodie. We have for example the lung-liver-kidney-colon, etc. .... meridianen. By putting a certain pressureon these meridians we can significantly improve the functioning.

It is definitely not traditional medicine.

As in traditional medicine the symptoms are treated, in Shiatsu we will effect the meridians by putting pressure with the thumb. Improving the functioning can impicitate the disease. 

Our dogs also have those meridians.

We could, with a little imagination, imagine that our loyal dog, standing on its rear legs ,see that he in fact has the same meridians.

What where the origins of Shiatsu ???????

We could find in China, around 530 years before Christ, the TAO-YINN.

This was a form of finger pressure massage and it was the predecessor of Shiatsu.

In TAO-YINN is also considered the flow of energy absorbed by the body.

Later in Shiatsu, they discoverd that this energy followed the lines formed by the meridians.

The Chinese believe that the universe is a great energy field

They named this energy QI or KI in Japanese.

What is QI or KI ???????

It is the breath of life, the strength of life, which emanates from every human, animal or vegetable essence. The Japanese, outside the Shiatsu techniques, has developed a kind of massage technique they called ANMA. 

This technique was a technique that whas obligatory be known by the Japanese doctors.

Subsequently ANMA was a generalized term and the Japanese government decided that the only word to describe the practice had served for relaxation and to promote the well-being.

So far this brief explanation.

In which case we use Shiatsu ??

Keep in mind that for the first Shiatsu is intended to promote the functioning of the organs.

When it is the first time that your faithful companion subjects this treatment, expect  no immediate miracles.

It is only after weeks of treatment that we have some form of improvement to our loyal friend's condition.

Shiatsu can improve in the long term less important parts of the skeleton.Promotes the removal of harmful substances from the body and shall make an harmonious functioning of the nervous and muscular systems.

You will see that your loyal dog is much calmer and feel better.

At the beginning of the treatment he or she will be unsure given the very newness of this kind ot treatment.

However, once he or she will be accustomed to the treatment, he or she will undergo this treatment and it will clearly establish the extent to which the animal feels good at this.

He or she will even turn a blind eye to as much as possible to enjoy the beneficial treatment you give him.

It even goes so far as he or she will feel secure in such a way that, in order to leave marks, he or she repeatedly begin to yawn ..... ................ ..... and at last even longer fall a sleep.

How often use Shiatsu ?????

Of course, it is advisable to consult appropriate literature.

What we discuss here is a summary of ways and certainly no treat.

In many books about Shiatsu, one speaks of three treatments in fifteen days or up to three weeks

 Attention .......... 

 Shiatsu is an oriental medicine. Expect no miracles.

When you have a healthy animal, you can improve his health by the use of Shiatsu.

When your animal is sick,you can better stick to traditional medecine,so certainly go to a veterinarian.

Once your best friend cured you can, if desired, apply Shiatsu...................

Refer However, as mentioned above, appropriate literature before apply Shiatsu to your best friend.

Until the next time .........................

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