Cancer of the bones

 Cancer of the bones.......... 

 A terrible disease since it can not be healed.

If you find that your animal exhibits a swelling, only one X-rays and a bone biopsy results brengen.At the basis of these two studies can clearly define what kind of the bone cancer it is. When a cancer of the bone  is determined,  is this very bad news.  A bone biopsy is a very complex operation. In general, an x-ray gives a fairly high degree of certainty. In the event that a cancer of the bone is established, an X-rays of the chest taken in order to ascertain whether or not metastases.  

Further treatment must, of course, be done in consultation with your veterinarian. The size of the tumor, the metastases, the age of the dog, all these cretarion will depend on how they want the life of our dog can extend ..... ............

There are several options for treatment:

- Amputatie of the leg.

- Chemotherapy

- Use of anti-inflammatory painkillers -

- Homeopathy .................

In addition, a small word about the different types of cancer of the bones.


Is the most common bone cancer to the dog. Is mainly among large and very large dogs. This form occurs around the second and seventh birthday.

The tumor is situated in one of the bones of the front or hind legs.  Most of the joints themselves are not affected. They often metastases found in the thoracic cavity. The average lifespan in a osteosarcoma without treatment is four months, with a treatment is ten months.


Is a tumor which ensures that a portion of the bone metastases disappears .The tumor may have to the lungs, other bones, the heart. This type of tumor comes in all varieties. As with osteosarcoma is a surgery, combined with chemotherapy possible.


After Osteosarcoma  the most common form of bone cancer at the dog. The average age is eight years. Usually this type of tumor situates itself on the flat bones, such as shoulder, ribs. On an x-ray it is difficult to distinguish the difference between the two types of tumors. The treatment still remains the same. Life expectancy is the same as those in a Osteosarcoom.


This is a very rare type of cancer. The swelling is about the larger joints. Depending on the extent of the tumor and its treatment, life expectancy is four months to two years.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Our Zarine had, what her concerns, a Osteosarcoma. With homeopathy, we have had the good fortune to have her still + - 9 months of us. We wish everyone that stood in those difficult times have assisted, to thank for their support and good advice.

Babette, Jean and all our Zoïs.

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