False pregnancy of the bitch

False pregnancy or pseudogestation of the bitch

It is a disordered state of the reproductive system of the bitch.  The uterus prepares for gestation, but there is no foetus.

The false pregnancy can last up to 60 days.

Symptoms: Symptomatology in general appears 2 months after heats. The bitch presents all the signs of a low setting: insulation, aggressiveness, design of a nest, licking of the vulva and udders. The bitch materne of the toys which it protects in its nest. A lactatation is even often observed; one speaks about lactation of pseudo-gestation. Concrétement, the bitch presents a modification of assembled behavior and one of milk.

Treatment: The most important point is to ensure itself of the absence of gestation before the installation of a medical treatment. The consultation of a veterinary surgeon is strongly advised, the treatment will obviously not be the same one. The treatment is at the same time behavioral and medicamentous.

From the behavior point of view: a psychological shock often allows a fast cure: diet supplements 24 hours with insulation in a part for this length of time. The withdrawal of all the toys is desirable to prevent that the bitch them materne. It is formally contra-indicated to go to palpate the mammelles ones in order to see whether the lacteous production continues.

Any handling of mammelles the entraine a stimulation which reproduces the stimuli of the pup which head and which induces a milk secretion. The medical treatment rests on the use of substance antigalactogene over one duration from 3 to 5 days on average in the form of compressed or of syrup. Sometimes, the use of diuretic can réveller useful.

The Council: It will be necessary for you to leave with to offer it and her frequent distractions. It is necessary, moreover, to prevent that it does not lick the udders.

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