Your dog suffers from sweetened diabetes

 chien diabetique

You notice that your dog behaves in a strange way.

It drinks, urine constantly, seems tired, it seems to have lost weight in spite of an increased appetite.

What diabetes?

The sweetened diabetes is a disease which results from a primary insulin deficiency.

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas and essential to the use of glucose by the organization, it is a gland located in the abdomen close to the duodenum (small intestine).

Insulin thus decreases the rate of blood glucose (or glicemy).

When the pancreas does not fulfill any more its role of producer of insulin, glucose accumulates in blood and becomes abnormally abundant there.

Diabetes little also to cause medical urgencies.

That can be with an exceptionally low glycemia which can involve a coma diabetic.

On the contrary, early of too high blood glucose can bring a state of “ketose”, dehydration, a collapse and death.


among the symptoms which must put the chip to you at the ear the fact that your animal drinks much and urinates more.

Indeed normally the kidney plays a part of filter of purification of blood.

It evacuates waste and retains the elements useful for the organization, such as glucose.

But when this last accumulates abnormally in blood, the kidney does not manage any more to retain it and lets it flee in the urine.

Unfortunately, glucose with the property to attract water in its escape.

To compensate for this unusual water loss, the animal must drink more.

This vicious circle can induce << lapses of memory >> of your animal in the house.

One slimming in spite of a great appetite:

The feeling of hunger is stopped when glucose enters the cells of part of the brain called hypotalamus.

But the key to enter these cells, it is insulin!!

In your animal diabetic, glucose thus does not know any more enters the hypotalamus, and does not fulfill any more its role of signal of satiety.

Your dog will have thus always the impression to be hungry, and will eat more than usually.

As the organization does not manage any more to use glucose correctly, it will seek another source of energy: greases and proteins.

The fact of starting these reserves will cause a slimming, and that in spite of the higher appetite of your friend.

How to diagnose the diabetes in the dog?

Initially your veterinary surgeon will examine general of health of your animal in order to draw aside any possibility of other diseases or infections.

It should be noted that certain diseases are obstacle with the treatment of the sweetened diabetes.

Your veterinary surgeon then will take a sample of urine to analyze it in order to determine the presence of glucose in his urines or the presence of a urinary infection.

Then it will carry out a taking away of blood.

If glucose in the blood of your animal is higher than the normal and in a constant way the diagnosis then is known

Your animal suffers from sweetened diabetes.

According to results', your veterinary surgeon will deliver you the treatment adequate for your animal, allowing to decrease the rate of glucose in blood.

A disease which is not cured:

The diabetes is not cured.

It will be often necessary to give to your friend the insulin which it does not have any more for the remainder of his life.

But attention!! This treatment is effective and without danger only in unquestionable condition: to give daily and to fixed hours two meals of a special mode for animal diabetic, and to inject insulin under the skin of your animal at the time of the first meal.


This diagram can be appreciably modified according to the type of insulin used.

It is useful to control the correct operation of treatment thanks to the use of special strips which detect the presence of glucose in the urine.

Moreover, sterilization forms integral part of the treatment in the bitch.

Indeed, certain hormones produced at the time of the cycle prevent the good stabilization of the glycemia.

Will know finally that the complications of a badly treated diabetes are very serious for your animal.

In addition to death, your friend can be reached of an irreversible cataract.

The races which seem to know an increased risk of sweetened diabetes are:

Spitz-wolf                                            Golden delicious retriever

Dwarf Pinscher                                    Poodle

Samoyède                                           Bobtail

Dachshunds                                        English Coachman

Malamute of Alaska                             Schipperke

Dwarf Schnauzer                                 Finnish Shepherd of Lapland

Chow-chow                                         West Higland white

Beagle                                                 Burrow (westie)

Doberman pinscher                             Labrador retriever

Caim  burrow                                       Puli

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