Epilepsy in your dog

What is epilepsy?

The epilepsy is a syndrome resulting in the succession of convulsives crises.

What is a convulsion?

The convulsions are neurological disorders caused by the activities simultaneous and not controled of a more or less significant number of celleles cerebral.

They appear in the form of sudden and intermittent crises associating variable degrees of the involuntary and disordered movements such as the fall of the dog, the pedal, salivation, the micturition and defecation, of the emissions of saddles or urines and a deterioration or a total loss of the conscience.


The origin of these crises is variable; they are generated by any situation of neuronal dysfunction.


Attitude to be adopted at the time of a crisis, which do have I to make?

During a crisis it is important to take care of the safety of all individuals, you including.

Your animal must be placed by ground to avoid the falls, any object which can wound it must be distant, and a certain distance must be preserved with the mouth of the animal not to be likely to be made bite by inadvertency.

To decrease to the maximum all the surrounding stimuli such as the light, noises, the cries of call to the assistance which are not then of any utility.

The children must be stave off dog the time of the crisis.

Calm caresses and words can be uttered with the dog which should not be maintained by a forced application.


Following a crisis to keep your dog at calms and with rest.

It is essential that your dog is well given from its crisis and is able to be held right before giving him to drink or to eat in order to avoid distort them roads during swallowing.

And afterwards? Is it necessary that I go urgently in my veterinary surgeon or that can it await one make later?

If it is about the first crisis of the animal, research and the imédiate cause by a veterinary surgeon are essential.

The consequences of an isolated convulsive crisis are tiny for your animal.

On the other hand the consequences of crises prolonged or repeated frekwently can be at the origin of serious neurological complications, even of its death.


Your dog requires an emergency treatment whenever it presents:

A convulsive crisis being prolonged of more than five minutes.

Three convulsives crises, or more, in the same day.

A status epilepticus

These various cases impose an emergency treatment.

Your veterinary surgeon must be immediately informed so that it can evaluate revolved it of the state of your animal.


The transport of your animal:

The transport of your dog should only be done, but with at least a second nobody to take care on him and to make sure that it is not wounded or does not wound the driver.

It is to advise to place your dog in a stable position, to even add a cover or cushions around him.

A wet linen can be placed on the body in order to limit a possible increase in its temperature.

In the veterinary surgeon, your dog will be generally hospitalized until the control of the crises.

According to the state of the animal, your veterinary surgeon is a only judge to decide procedure.



It is strongly to disadvise making reproduction with a dog epileptic, this in order to avoid the hereditary epilepsy in the pups!!!!!!!!!!!


In spite of its alarming symptoms, the light or more marked epilepsy with follow-up of a permanent treatment, makes it possible nevertheless the dog to normally live and become very old.


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