Reanimation of your dog

The goal of the reanimation 

To cure the breathing and the operation of the heart. This to prevent, because of a lack of oxygen, damage with the brain.

The reanimation has only one objective: To hold your dog in life until arriving it of a veterinary surgeon.

Before beginning the reanimation:

Controlez initially the chest. When you do not see it moving, to check by posing the hand on its chest. In this way you can check

breathing as well as the palpitations.

1. No breathing


Release the respiratory tracts, draw the language and remove blood, the bones, etc ......

Take care which the mouth of your dog is well closed.

Form with your inch and your index a “O”. Put this “O” on the nose of your dog. Thus you start to insufflate oxygen by the nose. The thorax is raised slightly and one slackens then blowing.


Repeat this gesture during 5 seconds with a 5 seconds intervale.

In the ten minutes your dog should breathe independently.

2.Pas of palpitations

When you to note the heart failure in your dog, immediately give him two short blows with your fist on the thorax with cotê of the scapula. If there are still no reactions, start immediately with the cardiac massage. Place the dish of your hand on the thorax with dimensions right-hand side right after the scapula.

hartmassage Place your other hand on the first. Push once a second and this during ten seconds. After five seconds rest to start again the massage. To control the pulsations regularly. When that it y of the pulsations to stop the massage again.  

3.Pas of breathing combined with a heart failure.

You must give during ten second cardiac massage and then during five seconds of blowing. 

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