Insect bites

araignees%20(33)These critters bite to protect themselves or their nests. They include bees, wasp, yellow jackets, ants, spiders.

Dogs come in contact with bitting and stinging insects in the home and in the yard. Spiders hunt in the garden, explore the house and garage and set up housekeeping wherever prey is to be found. The bite may leave an itchy or painfull welt or could cause more generalized symptoms.

Dogs often get stung by bees, wasps or yellow jackets because they stalk them as prey or snap at them in irritation. Although one sting should make a dog swear off these hovering buzzing insects, avoidance is not always possible.

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Yellow Jackets generally nest in the ground but have been known to nest in houses usually between the floors or in the attic. They are agressif in defending their nest sites and are fierce competitors for food. They are active in august and early september.

Paper wasps, Bumble bees and Honeybees will sting a dog or human if annoyed sufficiently.

Ants wil bite if disturbed. Few dogs will bother them because they taste bad.

Paper wasp and Yellow Jackets can be a treat for men and dog. It is wise to eliminate their nests.abeilles 3 Sinse they tend to forage throughout the day and return to the nest at night, no action should be taken until dusk.

Bumblebees and Honeybees should be left alone.


If your dog does get stung, remove the stinger with tweezers, make a past of baking soda and apply it to the sting. Ice packs can alos relieve swelling and calamine lotion relieves itching.


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