Attention XYLITOL


Xylitol = poison

Same happened to one of my dogs ten days ago; he found some chewingum
containing xylitol and ate all; found him laying down, eyes opened and mouth
strongly closed. Did not know about xylitol toxicity. Rushed to the vet, the
dog was in clear atassia with neurological symptoms. I told them he had
eaten xylitol but they did not know too about toxicity. Gave dog oxygen, did
ultrasounds on stomach and hearth and ECG.. all was OK. Stomach was empty,
intestinal trait shown many rectangular pieces..no chance of inducing vomit.
Blood exams were OK too, except for a severe hypoglicemia. So they
immediately put the dog on 33% glucose iv fluid and this probably saved his
Xylitol effect lasts for 12 hours at least; we came home with he dog since
my vet does not have emergency room; we had to mesure glucose blood level
every two hours and if this level was down we had to put the dog on IV
glucose liquid to restore glucose blood levels.
Xylitol stimulates pancreas in insulina release and this produces a dramatic
and immediate reduction of glucose blood levels. No antydote.
That way we spent the night; the day after glucose level were stable and OK
( we also mixed deXtrosio to drinkable water) and the dog was eating, doing
his normal functions as drinking, peeing, doing poo poo, eating, but his
sight was very very reduced ( almost blind) and did not hear my voice, nor
he reconnized me. Very shocking.
Two days after he was fine enough and started to have back all his senses,
he was seeing me, wagging his tail and so on.
We're actually checking for liver function, and values even if not yet
normal, look enough OK,of course we cross fingers since liver failure has
been dyagnosed in some dogs after xylitol poisoning.
This is my awful experience, know that first thing to do in case of xylitol
poisoning is giving GLUCOSE to the dog.


Thanks to Garry Mason and Rosalind Priest for this article

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